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The Blue Thing (Intersections)

Intersections being quilted on my Juki TL-2010 (I love this machine)

I was influenced.

You know when you go to the shows, and watch the demonstrations and write the user case in your head to convince yourself that this is something that you “need”. It has turned out that this thing I bought myself (as a reward for something, could have been surviving a Monday), is worth every cent.

I bought myself an AccuQuilt.

I now have a collection of dies and a head full of ideas of how I want to use it, both for traditional reasons, but also to have a play with something new and play with colour and thread.

Intersections – navy blue solid triangles with Moda Grunge Nocturne hexagons; matchstick quilted with Glide Thread in Federal (blue) and circles in Glide Thread Citron Yellow. It is an absolute pain to photograph.

It was extremely easy to put together and was a relatively quick make, the quilting took longer than making the top did, but that isn’t unusual for me – but generally it is because I hand quilt things. Matchstick quilting takes time. And I have to say, I didn’t really like the process of it. It was something that I will do again, I do like the effect, but it is not a thing I will do willingly. The Juki coped with it well – it was after all, what it was made for. It was a me problem.

With the AccuQuilt, I found it easy to use and highly recommend it for many reasons. Eldest has taken up quilting, and with his vision impairment finds cutting fabric challenging, making this approach perfect for him to be able to continue to quilt. More on that another time.

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