It is finished

100 Days; 100 Blocks (ish)

A white, red, pink, grey and green quilt.
100 Days; 100 Blocks (Katie’s Edition)

One calm, blue Canberra winter’s day I had an absolutely rubbish day at work (as one does), I came home and calmly decided to start a new quilt – to “help” sooth the stress of the day. Next morning, went to work and a colleague mentioned that I had seemed a little better than the day before – I thought it was funny when he responded with and eye roll, shake of the head and a mutter about dealing with things “exactly like his wife” (she is also a quilter).

And that is how I came to start my Kinship: 100 Block Fusion Sampler as part of the 2021 #100days100blocks2021 instagram event, run by Angie Wilson (Gnome Angel).

I have quilted for a *very* long time, and I have found it useful every few years to go back and do something which reminds you of how to sew a basic seam, and get the points to match. The challenge of this was working with a colour I don’t like (green), and a special fabric which I didn’t have an unlimited supply of (I had two one metre pieces of the two Christmas prints, one green, one pink)

For the quilting, I found this kind of perfect green/yellow/pink variegated thread, the Sweet Sixteen didn’t exactly like it, but Sweetie coped with it following some coaxing (and some intense unpicking).

It will be hanging in the Canberra Quilters Exhibition 2023.

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