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All of the Fandoms

Inspiration can hit at the most amusing of times. I had wanted to make one of Jen Kingwell’s Steampunk Quilts for quite some time, but hadn’t quite settled on the what theme or the how. SO there I was sitting in a movie theatre bored out of my brain (can’t remember what the movie was now), and thought about some fabric that I had seen someone make a Star Wars themed shirt out of on Instagram. Fussy cutting that, how hard could that be? Turns out I needed a LOT of fabric for this one.

Enter the Fandoms.

We love fandoms… all of them… but we also recognise that not all fandoms are equal (hence the back of the quilt)

The original plan was going to see me use the Enterprise schematic as the background fabric for the quilt, but then I really quite liked it and didn’t really want to chop it into little bits… so it is on the back. In one big piece (it is from Spoonflower if you are looking).

As for quilting, ye olde squiggly lines from one side of it to the other. Bound with spotty/stripe things and done. If only it was that simple.

The quilt was about a third hand pieced, and then the rest was machine pieced – my curved piecing improved immensely doing this quilt. The fussier bits were done by hand to make sure that the Stormtroopers were all pointing in the right direction, that the faces could be seen and the logos were the tight side up. It also sat in a box almost complete for about two years. Done now.

  • Pattern: Steampunk Quilt by Jen Kingwell
  • Fabric: collected from various places
  • Started: August 2015
  • Completed: January 2020

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