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Lava Tubes

I had a conversation with my grandmother last week, and she told me her theory of time. That there is someone out there stealing it and taking it away weeks at a time. That is how I feel at the moment, I would just really like it if the world would slow down a little.

Tonight I have been to a lecture to do with the day job. In my other life I work at a university, managing transnational partnerships between the faculty and other universities/educational institutions domestically and across the world. Like most day jobs it has its moments, but today was one of the good ones.

The Prime Minister of Bhutan gave a talk tonight about that countries path to democracy, something that quite honestly I have never really given much in the way of thought to. But he spoke for about an hour (and then answered questions) and it was a really different perspective on a small nation state, located in one of the most challenging geopolitical areas of the world. He spoke at length about the reluctance of his nation to come to democracy, how it had been essentially imposed on the nation by the King of Bhutan. How the nation had its constitution drawn up to include the things which are important to them as a whole (which included the protection of the environment, a commitment to national happiness, and put limitations on the power of the King himself), and then how the King essentially forced the nation to vote.

It was refreshing to see a new approach to the political process, particularly given the saturation of the negative which we are being subjected to at the moment (yes, even here in Australia we are getting a blow by blow account of the US presidential race *sigh*).

I hope to quilt something soon.

Take care.

For those who are wondering, the photograph is of a lava tube in the Volcano National Park in Hawaii – Facebook tells me it is a year since I visited. I think I need another holiday.

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