Use the good china

Use the good china 1

This has been a week of being sick. I have had a virus and sinus infection for about 6 days now, and I am about to start my second round of antibiotics. It has not been fun. In the middle of this sickness I had a bit of an idea about something I wanted to do, so today I have overdone it a little, but I have achieved something.

I unpacked my grandmother’s wool, and then I called her to talk about it.

In among some of the finest spinning I have seen – she was quite the spinner and weaver – I have two piles of wool, well three really. One of it is to be spun (the largest of the piles), another of  to be plied (brown hand spun wool), and quite the range of wool to be knitted into assorted things. Nana likes dying things, one of the bags I have contains wool which has been dyed using natural things (carrots, onions and the like), I am planning something special with that. And then there is the purple fleece.

While I was sorting through things, and I must admit that I have thrown some things out, it occurred to me that I was making the decisions about what to keep and what to do with the things based on my recollections and the limited viewing of things I have done on the internet (I now have a Pinterest board dedicated to spinning). Which led – naturally enough – to me thinking about whoever was going to inherit my collections of things. What would they make of what I think to be my precious fabrics, what would they do with my machines?

I am using Nana’s purple dyed fleece to reteach myself to spin. See the photo below of the drop spindle I am using, the one she taught me to spin on originally – I wasn’t allowed to progress to a wheel until I had mastered the spindle and for the record, a stick.

Use the good china 2

It was a bit dodgy to begin with, but I am beginning to get the hang of it again. And in exciting news,I am also allowed to use the carders now, I wasn’t allowed to when I was last spinning, but Nana isn’t here to tell me no.

I know that I am going to be using fleece that Nana had earmarked for something special for something mundane. I may well use something precious to teach myself a technique, and I know that at some point I am going to accidentally make felt balls and the cat will be a happy little Vegemite.

And while I am doing that, I am going to use my precious fabrics to learn something new, to make something interesting and actually use them.

I am going to use the good china – everyday.

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