Time for tea – welcome to March

March - Knitting

Is it really March already?

I had intentions of writing a blog post a week in February, but that didn’t happen. No excuses. But I hope that whatever virus I have had I don’t get over the winter. Having Hashimotos means that it takes me forever to get over sickness, and I don’t want to have another week in bed where I can’t actually do anything.

I have managed to get two of my items on my Finish-a-long list for this quarter, and I hope to have another one done soon. Blog posts almost ready.

Knitting has also come back to me as a thing I do. Above is the beginnings of a Yoga Shawl – by Drea Renee Knits, something I decided I needed when I was in a freezing cold lecture theatre (not that it is cold outside it, but the AC is really working there).

Speaking of lecture theatres, I have officially started my PhD. So given that I use my quilting as a procrastination tool… I expect that my productivity will go through the roof.

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