Time for tea – welcome to April


The year is flying along, and somewhere over the past couple of months – with the illness and the general stress of life I lost my sewjo. Different projects that I have thought about doing or finishing (ones for myself), have sort of gone by the wayside a bit. But it is a new month and an opportunity to sort myself out a bit.

One of the things I have been thinking about a bit is the types of fabrics I use and the direction that my overall quilting and making is going in. I had something of a plan at the beginning of the year (when I moved the blog and started writing and posting more deliberately) and I think that the original plan… well it needs to be updated a little.

In January I had little intention of beginning my PhD. It has been there in the back of my mind for the last year or so, but when it comes to that side of things I feel like something of an imposter. I don’t feel like I have the skills or the qualifications to go down that path – so I am going to trust those around me that I actually do. But then I started to apply this thinking to my quilting as well. I have been quilting for decades, and it is only now that I am actually beginning to see that I may actually be able to do this, perhaps not all of the different types of quilting (I am better with hand work and applique), but I have my place in the quilt world as well.

I am just not terribly prolific.

I get a bit stuck with how many quilts people actually finish – when in reality I am happy if I manage to finish one large (bed sized) quilt in a year. I know that I am working more on smaller projects to have the sense of achievement that you get when you actually finish something, but I just wish I was a bit faster.

Perhaps I need to show my process of quilting and creating more. Something to ponder.

Time will tell.

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