Time for Tea: June Edition


Welcome to my favorite season – Winter.

While there are people who love the summer months with all the hot and the swimming and “outdoorsy” stuff, I like nothing better than the bracing cold of winter. Today is cold and wet and the rain is constant, so it is a couch day with the cat, some reading and some knitting.

Milo joined us late last year, and this will be his first real winter, he has already endured his first minus morning (not even the promise of food could get him out of bed), and has developed his first real winter coat. He has also developed a taste for pompoms. It kind of started by accident, I had some out which were keeping one of the small children amused, dropped it and then Milo was attacking it with the kind of ferocity generally only seen with teenage boys and food. I think he is training for those brown pompoms – the ones with the tails.

On the sewing front May was up and down. I did some handpiecing and have finished two pieces of secret sewing (both will be revealed in the next couple of weeks). I have also been knitting.

June is going to be a busy month, and I am not sure that I am going to finish anything else this quarter with the F-A-L, but who knows. We will see. The end of the month will also see the Sydney Quilt Show, which I am also taking time off from the day job to attend. I will be there on the Friday, contact me on Instagram or via my Facebook page if you would like to catch up (links on the sidebar).

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