The last finish of 2017

Sometimes we have an image in our heads of what something is going to look like and then “design choices” need to be made to sort out another issue – that was the story of my final make for 2017, finishing it just hours before it needed to be gifted.

Originally, I had gone looking for some Harry Potter themed fabric. The recipient is most definitely obsessed with all things Harry Potter, and is looking forward to his 13th birthday so that he can make the (online) trek to Pottermore, and go through the sorting hat (meanwhile there are a few concerns that what are we going to do if he is sorted into Slytherin… I am sure there is a support group for parenting your Slytherin out there somewhere). Unfortunately I had to change my approach when I couldn’t find any Harry Potter themed fabric I liked (I know, it isn’t about me, but honestly).

So a change of fandom.

Originally this pillow was only going to be the soccer/football fabric and the red… but a slight error in judgement when I couldn’t find my Hera marker resulted in something that needed fixing between the quilting and binding/construction part of the process. Enter Star Wars. I am in the midst of making a Steampunk Quilt using lots of different themed fandom fabrics (blogged about it here); I have finished the cutting out bit of it all so I now have a whole lot of fabric which is available to be used in the overall making of things (I have a plan to use much of the leftovers, more on that another time).

Long story short – one of the patches pictured above is for practical reasons, the other is for “balance” 😉

  • Fabric: Kona Solid (red); Sport themed and Star Wars from stash
  • Thread: Aurifil 50wt
  • Design: Own

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