Decisions, decisions, decisions


Ladies and gentlemen, please meet Bessie.

Christmas is only days away and she is sitting here, taunting me. Back from the sewing machine mechanic, she runs perfectly, still has all her decals and her special wooden box (there was a moment when I couldn’t get the lock to open, but a quick Google told me that a 3mm flat head screwdriver will act as a “key” for this particular beauty).

The big decision though, what do I sew first?

I am guessing that it will be something not terribly important, because I need to learn her quirks… and the whole knee lever mechanism is something I have never used before. So should be a learning and growing experience for me.


So, should be fun. And it makes four machines I have now. Two older Singers (I also have a treadle) and my two Janome machines.

Not bad for someone who prefers to use a needle and thread.