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If I was labeling quilting years, last year (2015) would have been the year of the swap. I participated in quite a few of them, mostly so that I didn’t give up on quilting completely, and that I actually reengaged with the general quilting community – both in person and online. Watching the Instagram swaps, there were a couple that I regretted not participating in.

The other side of the break is the result of my 2016 participation in one of these swaps – and it comes with a language warning.

I have never had any issues with profanity (well most of them, there is one word if I utter it then those around me know exactly how I feel), and one of my favorite words is fuck. There is  Billy Connolly sketch where he tells his audience that there are times that no other English words have the same balls as Fuck Off. Of this (as a reformed English teacher) I concur.

File 4-03-2016, 10 58 23 PM

At the time I was putting this together, I was going through something of a personal challenge. Diagnosed with severe depression and on leave from work for a while, I was trying to get used to my new medications and keep things together for myself and my family. Nothing was perfect.

Hence Fuck Perfect (and having to redo the F of it all, I did in fact yell it to the house… they assumed I was working through my “issues”).

The pouch is the Wide Mouth Zippered Pouch from Noodlehead – and I will be doing this one again. The instructions were easy, and possibilities of the finished product are endless. As for the type – who can go past Quiet Play’s Just my Type Lowercase?

Everything worked so well.

Although to be honest I am planning another quilt. Something that will be a more deliberate exploration of the darker parts of the message. But that is still in my mind, bubbling away in the background.

This post is a part of the 2016 Finish – A – Long, for my original post on the FAL, please see I love to finish – 2016fal.

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  1. Glad you were able to continue sewing, swaps are a great motivator! Please make sure to include the Finish-A-Long button or a link to show your participation and also link to your goal post, so that way you’ll be eligible for the prizes! 🙂 Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts.

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