Quick Curve Ruler – Playtime and a finish


I had been eyeing off the Quick Curve Ruler (from Sew Kind of Wonderful) for quite some time… I am also a frequent visitor of Massdrop (note: this link is an invitation to join Massdrop, you are under no obligation etc, I am just a happy customer – well when the Australian dollar was in a different place I was happier, but I digress). When the QCR plus three patterns popped up and the price was right I bought it. Which to some people may be a bit of a surprise. I have a long term love/hate relationship with machine sewing, and this is a ruler specifically for the cutting of curves and then machine sewing. But I was a grown-up and gave it a shot.

It took some getting used to. I watched the videos on YouTube showing me how to cut and sew the curves. I gave myself a pep talk and then I cut up fabric. I didn’t use fabric I loved (actually I decided that this would be the perfect thing to use the fabrics I bought in Hawaii on), I found them to be somewhat forgiving and by using the big prints and the bright colours coupled with the ye olde Ikea Britten Nummer print I thought that any mistakes/design features would be a part of the overall feel of the thing.

I just had to let go of the perfection streak for the day. I was happy with how it all started to come together and then got too cocky and decided I knew what I was doing (which then resulted in some un-sewing) before settling into paying closer attention to what I was doing and making sure that I was doing it properly.


In the end (pictured above) I was pretty happy with how it all ended up. I will use the ruler again and have since bought a couple of books of patterns and have started to eye off the mini version of the ruler.

I know that I live in Australia, but the pumpkin themed quilts are so cute.

This post is part of the 2016 Finish-A-Long, to see my Q2 FAL goals please see here.

One thought on “Quick Curve Ruler – Playtime and a finish

  1. So glad you stuck with it and learned a bunch in the process! You have a wonderful finish. Congratulations! On behalf of the FAL hosts, thanks for playing along!

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