Pass the cough medicine – Welcome to July

George III July

Welcome to July, and I can’t believe we are half way through the year already.

Well June ended up being a rather busy month with the trip to China and then a quick trip to Sydney for the Sydney Quilt Show. It was a fabulous day, and an amazing place to have the show on Glebe Island (it isn’t there next year, it will be interesting to see how it is in the new space on Darling Harbour).

At the show I didn’t really take many photos of the quilts, I was too busy looking at them and doing my own personal judging (in my head). I was also really happy to see some names there that I recognised from both the blogging world and Instagram. It is always really interesting to see the journey online, and then the final product in real life. Unfortunately I came back from China sick, so going to the Instagram catch-up wasn’t possible.

As for my purchases… fabric (of course), Focus on Applique by Irene Blanck and a Brother ScanNCut (more on the last of these purchases another time once I have had a proper play with it). Fun times.

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