Little Boxes

Little Boxes

You all know the song… (and sorry to those who will now have the song stuck in their heads) but the sentiment of the song is what I have been feeling after the last couple of weeks of reading online and then chatting with some others about what is happening in the quilting world.

From the outset I would like to make one thing clear, I am currently not a member of a guild, but I do belong to a friendship group (we meet at each others houses every two weeks on a Tuesday where we solve the problems of the world). In the past I have been a member, but I moved states and never really bothered finding another guild to belong to. Being part of a military family where we moved every couple of years meant that when you rebuild your life with regularity sometimes things become hard and you stop bothering. In this case the internet was a savior, for a little while I was an active member of some Yahoo Groups (still am to be honest, but I look at them more on Facebook than in my emails).

I have lived in Canberra for six or so years, so I am almost local now, and I have been thinking that it is time to join in a guild – perhaps.

But which box to I belong in?

Modern or traditional?

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