Learning and relearning

the of the wool

I haven’t spun on a wheel in many years, decades in fact. Times have changed in how we learn. One of the things I bought back from the farm was Nana’s books on how to knit, spin, weave and crochet. Some of them I remember from my childhood, others are new to me – but not new by any stretch of the imagination. I read and tried to remember what it was that she told me (slow down was something that featured frequently), and then I went to YouTube. I now wonder what I would do without it.

The photo above is evidence that I can do this, but I found it really hard going. The struggle of trying to get my hands in the right place, the fleece the right level of fluffy and the cat not attacking my toes as I try and do all the things at once. I know that there will come a point that I will be able to do this, to spin and move my hands in the way I need to to feed the machine, to feed the wheel it’s fleece to make the yarn come out on the other side.

Learning and relearning happens, and it is happening more and more. I am starting another journey, well trying to. My PhD. While I was spinning – over-spinning and under-spinning almost in equal proportion – I was thinking about how it was going to be, how I am going to be learning and how it is going to be hard, and how there will be a point that I will throw the book into the corner and not want it to come out again.

But it will be like the other learning. I will take a deep breath, set my shoulders, and get on with it.

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