It’s planning time!

Kikki K Planner 2016

In my previous life as a classroom teacher, planning on paper was something that got me though. From lesson plans, to the overall planning of a semester – it would always begin on paper and (perhaps) eventually make its way to an electronic form (which once printed would end up covered in notes and reflections on how to improve things the next time around). Having moved on from that version of working in education to the tertiary sector, I entered the world of the Outlook calender and emails as the way that the world moved about and away from the notes and penciled in plans.

One of the challenges I am setting myself for 2016 is to regain some sense of control and to live in a more deliberate way. So I am going to use the paper planner, as well as the electronic version, and see if that helps me at least feel like I have some sense of control – which I really do think could be something of an illusion.

But it will be something that I will be writing about, and perhaps we will learn something on the journey.

For the record, it is a Kikki.K Time Planner, they call it teal, but I think it is blue.

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