It’s a Rainbow

Rainbow Mini 2a

Rarely do I make something that I am as happy with as I was with this lovely. Now that it has flown the coop and landed in Canada, here are the details..

This was something I designed, breaking out the EQ7 and taking it for a spin. It was probably the first time that a design I had in my head (at the proverbial 2am) actually made it to the program and then to fabric without too much in the way of change. The image I had in my head, that was what I saw at the end when it was all done.

It was hand pieced and machine quilted and used a range of Kona solids (again something that I had always avoided, don’t know why). I think that the element of the whole quilt making process that I have underrated the impact of is the actual quilting bit itself.

Rainbow Mini 2b

While I quilted this one with my tried and true straight line quilting, I think that next time (and I am planning a bigger version of this) I will do something to emphasise the points in the quilt.

So there we are – finish two for the year.

This post is a part of the 2016 Finish – A – Long, for my original post on the FAL, please see I love to finish – 2016fal.

6 thoughts on “It’s a Rainbow

  1. It’s a beauty! It would look fabulous too as a bigger quilt and quilting to show off those points!
    BTW you could help the FAL hosts by adding a link on each finish to your original goal list! Ta very much x

  2. Love your design and how beautifully done. I like the quilting you’ve done, but also really like your idea to quilt the next one to emphasize the points. Just lovely. Thanks for joining the FAL on behalf of the FAL hosting team!

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