I love to finish – 2016fal Q1 Goals

2016FAL Q1 Goals

I have been watching the Finish Alongs for the past couple of years and have thought about joining in, but never quite managed to make it. So in keeping with the theme of the year and my need for some control… this is me jumping in for the 2016fal in order to gain some control over the quilts I have left behind…

What I would like to get done this quarter:

  1. Modern Medallion (I just need to finish hand quilting it)
  2. Salty as Shit swap (needs to be finished by the end of January, it is currently a series of blocks)
  3. Rainbow Mini Swap 2 (needs to be done by the end of February, currently it is a pattern and fabric)
  4. M is for… (birthday present… but which birthday…)
  5. Redwork UFO (step one: dig out of garage)
  6. Swoon (just finishing block one of nine… who knows… miracles happen)
  7. All the Fandoms Steampunk quilt
  8. Winter is Coming (my version of one of the Blackbirds Designs quilts, a massive applique thing that may yet become a series of cushions)
  9. Happiness is (bright hexagons)

you get the picture… When I go looking for the redwork one, what it the bet I find more that need putting together?

I would really like to get the first four or five things done, anything else is a bonus.

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