I like to finish – Tree of Life

At the beginning of 2017 the friendship quilt group I belong to decided to do a challenge quilt for the year… in the theme of Tree of Life… the rules were pretty basic… no larger than 1mt square… didn’t have to be finished… should be at least started…

In all honesty, I had decided to give the challenge a miss. I had spent the year keeping up with a rather epic block of the month and didn’t really have creative capacity – well at least I didn’t think I did. Over the Christmas and New Year period I didn’t do any sewing, and was feeling very meh about the world and everything in it. I had intended that time to be pretty productive, but a bout of vertigo put a cork in that.

The Tuesday before the big reveal on Saturday I was sitting in my sewing space looking for inspiration. I had just finished off my Blossom Heart Quilts Bee Hive blocks, and was confronted with some small triangles of fabric I loved and didn’t want to throw out.

Those triangles became the tops of my trees.

I had intended to stay with the “doesn’t have to be finished” component of the challenge, but then things grew and before I knew it there was a mini-quilt before me. Add some applique and I decided it was done.

I am generally not one for improv.

I don’t consider myself a modern quilter, or a traditional quilter.

I am a quilter.

But improv I did. None of the fabric or bits I used for this mini-quilt were cut new for this. All of the top came from the basket next to my machine – some are cut out bits from behind applique, others are left over binding. The bias tape was in there from another project. I *may* need to cut some new leaves for another project…

My first finish for 2018. May it be the first of many.

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