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A while ago Instagram announced that it was going to move to an algorithm based view of the timeline, rather than chronological approach. Now while we can have the discussion about how this is a free service (like its owner Facebook), and how they are entitled to change their product to reflect what they think will work in the overall social media market.

I have watched with interest the movement that saw Friday of last week be a “no quilters on Instagram” either checking or posting – I am not sure if this will be something that will change the mind of the Powers that Be – but the general and widely publicised movement from Instagram to Ello may.

I have, for the record, only posted once on Ello so you could argue that my thoughts are reasonably limited – but… this is not my first rodeo when it comes to Social Media, I am something of an early adopter as far as many of these things go.

Ello feels to me more like a micro-blogging platform rather than a purely photo based thing – which for quilters will work. One of the limitations of Instagram has been the lack of live links in posts (Ello allows it), so we will be able to go directly from the post to the webpage. For those of us who blog and share on other social media then this is going to feel like some of the best bits of some platforms, but new enough that it doesn’t have some of the other elements (don’t get me started on how Tumblr has gone downhill since it has been taken over by Yahoo).

I am going to be watching this with interest. To see how it goes.

Ello is in beta (so it is still sorting itself out a bit, not fully functional as yet), and doesn’t have an app for anything other than iOS (from what I have been reading the functionality in the mobile web app on Android is less than optimal, but it is still in beta so this may come). It is able to be used on desktop computers with photos uploaded (which is better than Instagram), but there are no filters that you can use in the app (if you are on iOS can I recommend Hipstamatic – no affils, just a very happy user).

I have noticed a change in the Instagram Quilting community, I don’t know if it is just me but it doesn’t seem the same. Time will tell.

If you would like to know more about Ello and how to – please go and have a look at this post on Mary Elizabeth Kinch’s blog. It is a really good explanation of Ello and how to use it.

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