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If you have been following along on Instagram you may have realised that things are a bit fragile this time of year for me. There has been the good (my birthday) and the not so good (significant anniversaries). So I am going to try and focus on the good.

So the anniversary of my birth historically has been a low key affair. Having my mother die the day after it the year I turned 14 (meaning the last time I saw my mother alive was on my birthday), kind of led to the family not really knowing what to do with the date or how to handle the situation. Dad tried (he really did), but having my grandmother cry at me for the week didn’t really give me anything really to celebrate. Then I got married. A number of years later I got divorced (the less said the better).

Since then I have been surrounded by people who celebrate birthdays – they are “a thing” – and I have been trying to change my overall attitude toward my own birthday.

And now I am 43.

For my birthday my extended family network (the friends who are like family) decided to get me a Bellini Intelli Kitchen Thingy – or the middle of the range Thremo Cooker thing. Now up until this point my only real exposure to the cooking demon were the friends who had one and constantly go on about it on Facebook and the girls from the Katering Show (video below, comes with a language warning… but I find it quite funny. If you like that one then look for the one where they quit sugar…).

I may now be able live out my dream of being a sarcastic food blogger as well. For the record the first thing I did with it was boil water, and the second was cook rice.

Go team.

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