Do you remember the beginning?

Little Miss 1

I don’t actually remember learning to sew – I just always have. Be it the dolls clothes on Nin’s treadle machine (which I now have), or the bits and pieces by hand, I have always “just known” how to sew. I remember home economics in high school was a bit on the amusing side, because I was not interested in making a pillowcase, or a “simple bag” like everyone else… actually thinking about it I was probably a  bit of a pain about it all.

I have had the pleasure of stepping a youngling through the beginnings of learning to sew…

Little Miss sewing lines

After some discussion on safety issues and sewing machines, Little Miss decided to try her hand using my machine (which I was very okay with her doing) by sewing lines ruled on paper. One of the features of my Janome is the ability to control the speed of the stitch – which we were both happy to slow down a bit.

One of the interesting comments from her was about my offer to show her her how to hand sew… apparently she thinks she will stick to the machine for the moment (it was a very grown up and “I know my own mind” kind of voice she was using.

It won’t be long until I think I will do to her what was done to me… handed scissors and fabric and told to go for it. I predict that at least at the beginning all of the dolls will have their own custom made pillows… I look forward to their dresses.

I honestly don’t remember my beginning of sewing, do you remember yours?

2 thoughts on “Do you remember the beginning?

  1. I’m curious how old Little Miss is? My 3.5 year-old son has sewn some strips together, but we never got to the “you need to follow a straight line” part of the conversation.

    1. She is 7, her younger brother has done a bit of sewing sitting on my knee because he wanted a go too. But she is operating everything – under supervision.

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