Did you know it is almost May?


I am not just a quilter, I am a collector and curator of an extensive collection of stuff.

Sure most of the stuff has to to with quilting, but having recently moved my quilting space from one floor of my house to another, I am seriously thinking about downsizing my extensive collection.

Think of magazines. I love them. I collected them for years and when I lost my sew-jo I would make a cup of coffee and park myself down on the floor and “reorganise” them – i.e. sit there, look at them and search for inspiration… but now I have the internet for that. Yet I still get my magazines, but digitally. So I really need to think about what I am going to do with the bags of physical magazines in the garage…

My sister was the one who started me down the digital magazine path. I am rarely without my iPad or phone, so to move my magazine subscriptions from paper form to electronic means that they come with me now… I can sit in the doctors surgery and still read magazines from four years ago… but they are mine. My go-to for subscriptions is Zinio (no affils or anything, just a happy user). I have the app on my iPad and it messages me to tell me that there is a new one available. It also means that as an Australian, I am able to get some overseas content much cheaper… imported magazine prices are crazy here.

I hope to have some photos of my new space on the blog soon, I even hope to have finished something to show, but moving spots has meant that I have sorted things out a bit. I found a couple of works in progress that I had completely forgotten about (oops), I found other things that I thought I had lost, and I still can’t find a circle maker that I misplaced about three years ago.


I am also sensing that I am about to change quilting direction again… this could be interesting.

Welcome to [almost] May.

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