Coffee Time, January Edition

Coffee Time Jan 2016

Shall we pretend for a moment that we are gathered in a coffee shop (I was going to go with bar, but somehow it seems a little early in the year for that kind of sentiment).

So many things are happening all at once and it is taking a bit for me to be able to get them straight in my mind… so this may work for me.

I have quilted and finished something – now I know it isn’t official until it has been blogged – but I have finished a swap piece and it is on its way to another part of the world, once it arrives then all will be revealed… but until then, I can confirm that I have had my first finish for 2016.

There was a flying visit to the family stronghold in North East Victoria. It wasn’t as long as some would have liked, but we got there in the end. It was lovely to see my little niece and catch up with my sisters. One of the reasons for the shortened visit was that the Youngest of my offspring had an interview with a university to access one of their preparation programs. Happy to announce that he has been made an offer and pending successful completion of the program will be offered a place in a Software Engineering degree. So that means that all three of us will be studying this year.

Yes three. Youngest will be joining Eldest (there is no Middle), and I will be joining both of them – assuming that I can get the application sorted out pronto. After finishing my masters a couple of years ago, I have taken some time out and am now looking forward to starting my PhD. So we will be a  house of deadlines and reading (my field is very different to theirs). I predict stress, but hopefully not as much as we have been through before. Things are looking up.

So if there is anyone out there who has some tips on doing a PhD, and organising myself, I would greatly appreciate them.

As for the quilting. It is my sanity and I do a great deal of thinking while I am stitching (particularly hand sewing), so that isn’t going to go anywhere. I am also going to keep writing here, but sometimes the tone might be a little different. I will be interested to see how that goes.

So there is my big news… how about you? How is the beginning of the year treating you?

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