When quilting becomes very sometimes

Being a quilter has been really hard for me over the past few months. I have been (kind of) sewing, trying to keep up with bee blocks (sometimes more successfully than others) has helped – but for the most part I have lost my sewjo and I am not sure if I want to find it, well not for the kind of quilting I was doing.

There are different “themes” in the quilt world, and I have found being something of a more traditional quilter in a modern world can be a bit of a challenge. For me, quilting isn’t about the fads and trends in fabrics – I have long held the view that if I like a fabric I will buy it and if I don’t I won’t, an approach which has lead to years (yes years) where I have been pottering and sewing and just not buying. During these years my focus has generally been on skill building and trying out new things.

In 2017 I managed to keep up and complete the Down the Rabbit Hole quilt (by Sarah Fielke), I have signed up for the 2018 quilt, and have tried to start it, but I am just not feeling it. But the hand quilting has finally started and I am enjoying playing with the bright colours of the Aurifil 12wt.

Next weekend is the Canberra Quilters Exhibition, and while I don’t have anything in the show this year (working on something for next year), I am looking forward to spending a bit of time with my people and having a bit of a squiz at what is happening. But I am not sure what it is that I am looking for from it.

Perhaps it is time for me to go back to the beginning and do some of the work which I actually really enjoy doing, because somewhere along the way I think I lost what it was that I enjoy about quilting.


A finish – Modern Medallion Quilt

My completed Modern Medallion Quilt

This particular finish has been done for a while – but now is the time for me to actually talk about it.

When we start a quilt, we generally start out with a reason or purpose. I started this quilt at a time that I had a bit of stress going on, and I wanted to see some actual progress with something. Also, because of the nature of this particular quilt, I knew it would be a challenge. The design is by Crystal over at Raspberry Spool, and it challenged every fibre of my OCD being.

There are two perfect points in the quilt, and only I know where they are, I had to challenge myself to make the rest perfectly imperfect. I completed the top as part of a quilt-a-long and then slowly set about the task of hand quilting it.

I used pearl 8 cotton, in my usual style of large stitch quilting. A method I like as it hides my tired stitches and happens rather quickly.

The binding was the only fabric purchase I made for the quilt, using all of the precious fabrics I had in the stash, and batting I had bought years ago in thoughts of making a king sized quilt (who was I kidding), so I have cut into it as well.

So there we are. An actual finish. Something that is big enough to snuggle under – just in time for winter.

Progress – Modern Medallion

Modern Medallion April 1

This quilt has been quite the journey.

Started as part of a quilt-a-long a couple of years ago (I think), I decided not to use any new fabric in it, and instead use all of the precious fabrics I have collected over the years and never really used.

Modern Medallion April 2

I am hand quilting it, which isn’t unusual for me, but isn’t something I had planned to do when I started this quilt – this is the quilt I made to get me over my fear/phobia/hatred of my sewing machine. This quilt is completely machine made. Which is not what I do (well did, I have made a number of mini quilts using my machine over the past 12-18 months).

I would love to finish this quilt, and it is part of my goals as part of the 2016 FAL… perhaps it will be done in Q2… who knows….

The beginning, again


So I decided to start a new online space, I have rented server space, set up the menu system and I think I have worked out why I am here. There comes a point when you have to leave something behind in order to move forward, and while really there was nothing wrong with my former online home, I decided to move anyway… lets face it, I don’t really want to move house again (I have only just sorted out my sewing space), but I felt the need to change something. So the online home it is.

In the quilting space I am doing stocktake as well… you know what it is like, you start cleaning up, and you find a box, and you open the box, and in the box is a quilt top that you feel like you should… you know… actually quilt.  It is my Modern Medallion, which I made as a part of Raspberry Spool‘s Modern Medallion quilt along, and it was languishing in a box in the wardrobe.

But this is a quilt for me. This is mine (my inner two year old is not letting go of it).