My goodness me. December already.

Mini Lucy Boston

I vowed I wouldn’t do another swap. But there is it – I have signed up for two. The mini Lucy Boston above will possibly be the only attempt I make at sewing one of them. I had in my head that I wanted to make one of them – I have seen a couple of them in real life and they are quite spectacular – but I don’t think I actually want to try for the full sized one after all. Swaps can be good at sorting out what you want to do on a larger scale sometimes.

As for what have I been doing with myself that I am doing my welcome to the month almost half way through… stuff. Christmas is coming and so is the end of the year in the office. I can’t wait until I finish work for the year, seriously this has been a horrible year in some ways, fabulous in others…. but I am kind of looking forward to the fresh start that the new year brings.


It’s a Rainbow

Rainbow Mini 2a

Rarely do I make something that I am as happy with as I was with this lovely. Now that it has flown the coop and landed in Canada, here are the details..

This was something I designed, breaking out the EQ7 and taking it for a spin. It was probably the first time that a design I had in my head (at the proverbial 2am) actually made it to the program and then to fabric without too much in the way of change. The image I had in my head, that was what I saw at the end when it was all done.

It was hand pieced and machine quilted and used a range of Kona solids (again something that I had always avoided, don’t know why). I think that the element of the whole quilt making process that I have underrated the impact of is the actual quilting bit itself.

Rainbow Mini 2b

While I quilted this one with my tried and true straight line quilting, I think that next time (and I am planning a bigger version of this) I will do something to emphasise the points in the quilt.

So there we are – finish two for the year.

This post is a part of the 2016 Finish – A – Long, for my original post on the FAL, please see I love to finish – 2016fal.

Salty As Swap

Pouch Zip

If I was labeling quilting years, last year (2015) would have been the year of the swap. I participated in quite a few of them, mostly so that I didn’t give up on quilting completely, and that I actually reengaged with the general quilting community – both in person and online. Watching the Instagram swaps, there were a couple that I regretted not participating in.

The other side of the break is the result of my 2016 participation in one of these swaps – and it comes with a language warning.

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