FAL2016 – Q4 Finishes (or not)

Here we go… the round up… the list was…

  1. Modern Medallion
  2. Winter is Coming
  3. All of the Fandoms Steampunk Quilt
  4. Happiness Is
  5. Yoga Shawl
  6. Pink quilt thing (now the Pink and Grey HST quilt)
  7. Gail Pan Christmas mini quilt

And the finishes were…. *insert drum roll*

The Yoga Shawl… just in time for summer.

The post telling its story is here.

See you all next quarter for the next installment…

I have a blankie – I love to finish

Shawl Complete 1

Back in February I thought it would be a good idea to try and start my PhD. Well that didn’t happen until August, but back at the beginning of the year I started to go to a couple of lectures and start to get my head in the game. But it was cold.

Anyone who has ever been to Australia in February knows that it isn’t cold outside – it is hot and everything is brown from the lack of water and the months of heat (in the part of the world I am in). So to be cold was something different, but that is what happens when the air-conditioning is set on arctic. So I needed a blanket.

At about the same time I had been lusting after a Yoga Shawl from Andrea Mowry. It seemed to me to be the perfect thing for the winter or the in-between times or the middle of summer with the A/C stuck on freezing. So off to the Bendigo Woolen Mills website I went and I started it.

It took months to make.

Not because it was hard, but because I was a bit slow with it.

But done it is.

And I love it.

Katie wearing shawl

It is my wearable blankie.

Just in time for the Australian summer.