and then I went to China


Things have been really busy around here lately, the day job intervened and I ended up in China – behind the great firewall as it was.

In order to pay for my quilting addiction I work for a university managing partnerships between the different institutions. As a part of that, I spent almost a week going between Shanghai, Ningbo and then Hong Kong before heading back to Canberra. There were moments of seeing things, but for the most part I was actually working.

There were some rather surreal moments on the trip. Having Starbucks in a market that has been in operation for about 400 years in Shanghai; the way that universities are – I knew that even though I was in China that this was a university campus they seem to have this unmistakable feel; the bullet train – when I was a little girl, my dad used to drive trains – going on one which was traveling at almost 300km/h was totally awesome.

Bullet Trains

So I am home again, and managed to recover from a cold or bug thing I picked up in Hong Kong… just in time to go to the Sydney Quilt Show.

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