And Spring is with us – welcome to September


September is a busy month within the Family Stronghold (right up there with March), birthdays and other significant anniversaries mean that it can be a bit up and down, but experience tells me that we get through and October comes. For those of us in this part of the world it also means the beginning of spring and all of the sneezes that brings.

This is the month of my birthday – making it to 40 was a huge achievement (my mother died when she was 39), so 43 should be okay. My Eldest is 22 and has actually requested something for his birthday… the local cinema does special things on Monday nights and just following his birthday The Princess Bride is showing as part of their “Quote Along” series (no shusshing allowed) and he has requested that we go to that as a family – who am I to argue with that.

It is also the last month of the quarter for the FAL – and I haven’t really managed to get anything achieved for the month. Progress yes, finished no. May have to have a big push on the shawl to get it done (and before it is too hot to use it).

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