All of the fandoms


Have you ever come across a quilt that you have just *had* to make?

When I first came across Jen Kingwell’s Steam Punk Quilt last year sometime I wanted to start it then and there… but no. I didn’t. But here we are now and I have one underway, and it has a theme.

All of the fandoms.

I have someone in my life who loves all of the geeky and nerdy things (he is currently on the couch playing Star Wars Battlefront, which is a change from the usual Batman). And I really wanted to make a Steam Punk Quilt. So the worlds collided and the beginning is above.

One of the challenges I have set myself with it is around fussy cutting. Now while I am a fan of English paper piecing I just can’t bring myself to start a Milleflori Quilt, as I think I have a better chance of getting a Dear Jane quilt up and finished before I head there. Watching some of the Milleflori ones on Instagram, particularly La Passacaglia, I have been really intrigued by the fussy cutting that has been happening adding to the overall look and feel of the quilts.

So while exploring the fandoms, I will also be exploring the challenges that fussy cutting brings as well.

The things we do to challenge ourselves.

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