A Weekend in the Country

File 17-11-2015, 8 45 28 PMThis weekend just past, I ended up doing a quick trip home.

My grandmother is turning 98 this week and she is moving out of the home she has lived in for the past 60 or so years, so my presence was requested to take some of the things away (I am not going to write about this now, the amount of raw wool and handspun I have bought back to Canberra in quite amazing). What I did find very interesting, and is actually playing out in this paragraph, is the concept of home.

I don’t go home often; and after the farm leaves family hands it will be the last of the ties I have there, well the ties that aren’t people. I have only ever felt the feeling of home in the houses of my grandparents. My maternal grandmother and I were very close, but due to a series of unfortunate events, I wasn’t able to say goodbye. Both my grandfathers died a few years ago now, but it was always my grandmothers that I was particularly close to.

the-grandmothersKit (L) and Thelma (R) in 2008 at an ANZAC Day commemoration.

What I have been thinking about since we have come back to Canberra, is how I can recreate some of the feelings and connections I have with that little valley in the country. I can’t move back (quite frankly the internet doesn’t cut it and then there is my job), but what I can do it try and be a part of the community here.

Moving so many times – 9 times in 18 years – meant that making real community connections was almost impossible. You would just settle in a place before it was time to move to the next one… but I have been in Canberra for five years now, and I don’t see me moving anytime soon.

Perhaps it is time to join in a bit?

Ideas anyone?

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