2016FAL – Q4 Goals

Okay – I can do this.

March - Knitting

I didn’t do the check in for the end of the last quarter for one really specific reason… I didn’t finish anything to link up. That isn’t to say that there wasn’t progress on things, just that there weren’t any finishes.

So we are going to try a similar list this quarter, and see how we go. My progress notes are in the different coloured text below.

  1. Modern Medallion – the hand quilting continues, I really want to get this done. Q4 Update – I have progressed on the quilting and only have three and a half borders to go.
  2. Winter is Coming – well it is here (snow and everything). But this is a quilt. Or a series of cushions. Q4 Update: I bought this out of its box and played with it a couple of weeks ago. I don’t know if I like it or not, that is an issue really.
  3. All of the Fandoms Steampunk Quilt – this is for someone special and I do need to finish it. Perhaps this year. Q4 Update – I have done more of these and am am really enjoying how it is looking. I am not sure if this is going to be a finish this quarter, or one of the ones for next year.
  4. Swoon – pretty sure everyone “needs” to make this quiltQ4 Update – Decided I don’t. I have one block so perhaps it will be re-purposed. 
  5. Happiness Is – hexagons. Need I say more.
  6. Yoga Shawl – sometimes I knit… this is something I want to finish before I start next semester of coursework and I am stuck in a very cold lecture theatre… so I have twoish weeks. Q4 Update – It needs buttons to be finished just in time for the Australian Summer (well known for the need to wear 100% woolen shawls – not)
  7. I shall call him George – an epic monster of a quilt (which I somehow think will be finished in Q4 2040 or something but I am putting him on the list to make sure he doesn’t feel left out). Q4 Update – George is in the naughty corner. We will see how I feel about him in a year or so. But for now the pattern is annoying me to the point of frustration so it goes away.


  • Pink quilt thing – it is a fabric pull and a pattern (in my head). It is supposed to be quick and easy so we will see what happens with that.
  • Christmas mini quilt – By Gail Pan and I started it years ago. It comes out at this time of year every year and I do some more. I assume that one of these years I will accidentally finish it. It is on the list for one quarter only, come Q1 next year (assuming it hasn’t been finished) it will go again until Q4 next year.

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