2016FAL – Q3 Goals

Q3 FLA Goals

So this trying to finish things isn’t going as well I as I had hoped it would. This year I have managed to finish a few things, but nothing beyond a mini. Lets try again for this quarter and see what happens…

  1. Modern Medallion – the hand quilting continues, I really want to get this done.
  2. Winter is Coming – well it is here (snow and everything). But this is a quilt. Or a series of cushions.
  3. All of the Fandoms Steampunk Quilt – this is for someone special and I do need to finish it. Perhaps this year.
  4. Swoon – pretty sure everyone “needs” to make this quilt
  5. Happiness Is – hexagons. Need I say more.
  6. Yoga Shawl – sometimes I knit… this is something I want to finish before I start next semester of coursework and I am stuck in a very cold lecture theatre… so I have twoish weeks.
  7. I shall call him George – an epic monster of a quilt (which I somehow think will be finished in Q4 2040 or something but I am putting him on the list to make sure he doesn’t feel left out)

If you are paying attention you will see that there have been some things drop off the list. This is because I have declared them WOMBATs (Waste Of Brains, Money And Time) and am moving on. Life is too short for quilts that you don’t want to make (or finish). If deciding not to finish them means that they are actually finished then I have done more than I thought I would this year.

I have realised… I don’t have to finish everything I start. I really don’t.

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