2016 – My quilting resolutions


Welcome to 2016. We are a few days in now and so far, so good.

Last time I posted it was all about the past year – 2015 – and how it went, now it is time to look to the future and plan out the year that will be. I like this time of year, things haven’t gotten in the way yet so I can be optimistic that it will all be wonderful – and filled with the spirit of being in control of my own fate – here I will attempt to make some commitments for the year ahead.

My approach to this kind of thing in the past was to name the year…

2012 – the Year of Less Drama

2013 – the Year of Getting Shit Done

2014 – the Year of Being Creative

2015 – the Year of Redefining (the wheels fell off)

There would come moments in the year where I would be faced with a choice or series of paths to take, and then I would be able to stand back and ask myself how this action (or inaction) was going to bring me closer to what it is that I wanted out of this year. Each of the decisions to take on a theme was for a very deliberate reason – Less Drama was the year following my divorce and I really needed less stress – Getting Shit Done was completing my MEd – Being Creative was about reengaging with quilting – and Redefining was kind of thrust upon me… perhaps that was the problem, I didn’t choose what was going to happen, the choice was made for me.

I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.

With this in mind… 2016 is the Year of Being in Control. Now control can be seen as a negative thing, with the connotations of restriction and negativity – but in my case I need to work on ways of having control over what it is that I am doing big picture, how I spend my time and use my creativity.

Steps I have taken to build the sense of control in my life have been to plan more things, giving them the opportunity to happen and evolve. Little things like planning out what it is that I want to write about in this space and then working towards making sure that I meet that commitment. This is something I can control, this makes me feel more balanced.

I have also started a new quilt, and it isn’t for someone. I am making it simply because I want to. I know it will end up on my bed or on the couch, but it is one of the first times that I will be able to answer the question “who are you making that for” with “nobody in particular”. The realisation that I can quilt, and it doesn’t have to be for someone has been a long time coming. I think this will also help with some other things I have planned.

So welcome to 2016, I hope that you join along for the ride – it should be fun.

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